Appreciating the Little Things

July Theme: Appreciating the Little Things | Organized Mess

Well, hello there! It's been a minute. Okay, it's been nearly 5 months. I didn't expect to go off the grid for 5 months but I guess things happen unexpectedly sometimes. Just like most of the world, I was in a really hard place back in February so I decided to take some time for myself these last few months. Running a blog around a 9-5 isn't always the easiest thing and although I absolutely love it, I knew a break was what I needed after an extremely difficult year. I was feeling burnt out, too exhausted to write and couldn't even think about what I wanted to post. 

But I'm back! And feeling better than I have in a long time. The world is slowly starting to return to "normal" and with that I'm starting to feel like myself again. I missed her. Despite having a rough year I'm still trying to remember the lessons I learned in 2020. One of them being the value of slowing down and appreciating the little things. 2020 taught us that the littlest things we took for granted can be taken away in an instant - a morning latte from your favorite coffee shop, sharing a bottle of chilled wine with friends, saying good morning to your coworkers. These were things we temporarily couldn't do and I never want to take them for granted again. 

So, this month's theme? Appreciating the little things. As the world returns to normal, I want to continue to appreciate and savor the small, beautiful moments that we once took for granted. For example, last weekend I spent time in Cape May and it was filled with the smallest moments. A picnic on the beach, a glass of wine by the shore with friends, the smell of the ocean, the sight of hydrangeas in bloom - such wonderful, sweet moments and things! 

This month I'll be sharing the music I've been enjoying lately, my favorite books read so far this year, a cottagecore inspired outfit, a trip to a local lavender farm and more. 

What will you be remembering to appreciate this month? 

Talk soon,

xo Chelsea