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A Striped Mock Neck Tee & Creating an Intentional Wardrobe

Creating a More Intentional Wardrobe
Can you believe it's already mid October? Time seems to be flying by! It felt like we were still in the midst of summer for the last few weeks and then all of a sudden fall seemed to arrive this past weekend. I still need to finish unpacking my fall and winter wardrobe before I start buying more fall clothes but one piece I already picked up was this striped mock neck tee. I can already tell this top is going to be a go-to piece this season. When you find a piece that you love wearing on the weekends and to work, you know you have a winner!

Creating a More Intentional WardrobeCreating a More Intentional WardrobeCreating a More Intentional WardrobeCreating a More Intentional WardrobeCreating a More Intentional WardrobeCreating a More Intentional Wardrobe

This striped tee is super versatile and the mock neck is perfect for fall while it's still lightweight enough for spring and summer. Living in the city, I don't exactly have a lot of room for clothes. We moved into a 500 square foot apartment a few months ago and since then I have been purging my closet. 8 trash bags worth of clothes have been donated and I'm slightly horrified that it doesn't seem like it put a massive dent in my wardrobe. I'm trying to keep high quality pieces that are also multi-seasonal. I've stopped (well, mostly stopped) shopping at stores with trendier pieces that only get a handful of wears. I'm trying to have a smaller, more intentional closet that will be able to carry me through the years. Quality over quantity. Another thing that helps is when I find something I like I either pin it or add it to my shopping cart and sit on it for 2-4 weeks so that I know I absolutely want it. This has really helped with cutting back on impulse purchases!

Have you changed your shopping practices throughout the years?

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  1. This kinda retro styling is simply amazing,
    the mustard tone suits you perfectly and is the ideal one for the colder autumn days.
    Amazing combination my dear.

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  2. I have totally change my shopping habits since having my daughter a year ago.

  3. I was just talking to my friend about how I couldn't believe it was mid October already, and she didn't even realise until I mentioned it! We had talked about this right smack in the middle of October, like, on the 15th, and I was saying how the number 15 seems pretty early in the month, but then you remember that a month only has 30/31 days!! // Those pants look like so much fun! // Hmm I've never been much of a shopper. I remember in middle/high school, on the rare occasion I went out on a shopping trip with friends, I would be really excited about buying new pieces because I shopped so rarely, but now I only shop when I need to (okay, sometimes when I simply want to too), not just because I haven't shopped for awhile. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Such an adorable outfit! <3

  5. LOVE your pants!! Such a gorgeous outfit!


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