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Alchemist Society: Hot Cocktails 101

I LOVE cocktails but I rarely enjoy them at home. I used to be the same way with wine and beer, I would wait to drink them until I would go out and get suggestions from my friends or bartenders. Now, I've taken my fair share of wine tasting classes and brewery tours to get an idea of what I like and I have my go-to choices to keep at home. When it comes to liquor, I know I prefer gin and whiskey (I know, complete opposites) but I don't know what to mix them with at home for the perfect cocktail - or at least a decent cocktail. But now there's a solution to this problem - the Alchemist Society!
Alchemist Society holds events and cocktail making classes in Northern Liberties. And folks, there are SO many options! I attended the Hot Cocktails 101 class and it was so much fun. We made multiple hot drinks from hot toddy's, to hot buttered rum and even a tea-infused cocktail where you could pick your own liquor and ingredients. Not only did we learn how to create the cocktails themselves but we got a a lot of knowledge around the different liquors that were used.  

These classes would be so fun for a date night or for something different to do with your friends. They are also great for if you're looking to know more about cocktails - or even beer which they also offer tastings on! Plus, most of the classes are currently under $30. 
A few upcoming classes that particularly catch my eye, 

You can see the full list of upcoming events HERE and be sure to give them a like to hear about future events if you're in the Philly area! 


  1. Woah this looks like a great experience to be able to experiment like that. The classes look really good and I'd love to try something like this.

    Wandering Everywhere

  2. Sounds like a fun class to take. Have a great week.

  3. Looks like a super fun event to do with friends! I'm not big on drinks but I did try a hot toddy once and it was pretty good :) Seems like a simple enough drink to learn how to make! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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