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Picking Flowers at Solebury Orchards

Solebury Orchards is a go-to for apple picking. We've gone there the last two years and are planning for another trip later this month for our yearly apple picking tradition. One thing that has always caught my eye though whenever we have gone in the past is the cutting garden. Whenever we go to the orchard we usually go way too overboard on the apple picking so we don't bother cutting fresh flowers for our apartment but this time we happened to be in New Hope to meet my Uncle for brunch at the Black Bass Hotel. After our brunch we stopped by Solebury to take a few fresh cut flowers home with us. Unfortunately, I didn't realize I had accidentally picked up a bumble bee on one of the flowers that I nearly took home with us until we were driving away from the orchard. That revelation resulted in my screaming, throwing the flowers and nearly jumping onto Derek while he was driving. Ha, it's safe to say the flowers didn't make it back in great shape but we did get the bee out of the car!My entire outfit from head to toe with the exception of my watch is from Spain. I bought this straw bag in a little shop full of baskets, bags and fans made out of hay on the island of Mallorca. Both my dress and espradrilles are from Madrid, the dress from a thrift store in the Malasana quarter and the espadrilles are from a stand at the El Rastro flea market.  I love taking back a few special items with me after traveling. This bag was easily my favorite "souvenir" from my trip and something I will use often during the summers, especially for trips to the orchard and farmer markets. 


  1. I'm a fan of practical souvenirs :) // Glad to hear you and the bee got out safe! // How does the cutting garden work? Do you pay for the amount of flowers you take home? -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Such a great photos and you looks so lovely!

  3. Beautiful photos, love your dress and your basket bag!

  4. Beautiful pictures, love your outfit and the garden looks very nice. I would have reacted the same way if I realized that I was carrying a bumble bee haha! xx
    Coco Bella Blog

  5. I love the photos.
    The nature loving pictures and this farm looks amazing

    Much Love,
    Zarrah | The Bandwagon Chic


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