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Polka Dots and Overalls

Ever feel like there's a trend that you're loving but can't pull off? That was always me and this whole overall trend! I decided to try on these patchwork denim overalls at the boutique Never Too Spoiled here in Philadelphia and ended up being pleasantly surprised. Now, they might not be the most practical piece of clothing that I own but I'm loving how many different tops you can wear underneath them! I decided to combine the overall and the off-the-shoulder trend and go with this fun polka dot top - which I'm also loving the oversized sleeves.NEVER TOO SPOILED OVERALLS AND TOP | OLD NAVY BOOTIES | LOFT SUNGLASSES | KATE SPADE BAG | MICHAEL KORS WATCH
This past weekend felt like a tease for early fall weather. It was still warm but there was definitely a little briskness compared to what we've had the last few weeks. Looking ahead, it looks like it's going to be in the high 80's-90's for the next two weeks so these overalls will be a no-go until later but I'm looking forward to styling them for fall. 


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