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Blogger Style - Brunch in the City

Who doesn't love to brunch? Philadelphia is definitely a food city and in just the last few years brunch places have been popping up all over the city and restaurants that didn't offer brunch once now do. There are so many options but when seven of us Philly bloggers decided to get together for brunch we knew that we wanted 3 things: a delicious menu, drink options and a great aesthetic - and that's where Butcher Bar comes into place. The restaurant located in center city has an adorable outdoor seating area that we ended up taking over. FLYNNE SKYE DRESS VIA GEISHA HOUSE | TOPSHOP HAT (Similar) | MICHAEL KORS BAG AND WATCH | RESTRICTED MULES VIA LOST & FOUND (Similar)
This dress from the Geisha House is currently my favorite piece in my closet. If I know the day is going to start with brunch I'll try to wear something comfortable (there has to be a little stretch in the outfit! Right?) yet chic because you never know where the day will take you. I'm obsessed with this soft grey color and I love the lace-up detail. I'm all for midi-length dresses right now (don't have to worry about the wind!) and the high slit is a fun additional detail. Hats are the perfect summer accessory to shield yourself from the sun. Also, mules are SO comfy, I currently want a pair in every color. Check out the looks below from a few other lovely Philly bloggers. 


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