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Powder Pink

Powder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized Mess
Happy Monday everyone! Last week it felt like spring was right around the corner but after this weekend it's obvious that winter is still sticking around for now. I've been over my winter wardrobe for awhile now so I've been trying to add springy pieces here and there. I switched my usual tan, black and maroon sweaters for a white sweater for a fresher feel. Adding warmer tones such as pink and cream will go a long way. I finally got a chance to break in these new velvet booties that I got on sale from Asos ages ago and I'm looking forward to using them as transitional piece from winter into spring. What are your key transitional pieces that you're incorporating into your wardrobe?
  Powder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized MessPowder Pink | Organized Mess LOFT SWEATER (Similar), SUNGLASSES (Similar), SCARF (Similar), NECKLACE (Similar) AND JEANS (Similar) | ASOS BOOTIES (Similar) | KATE SPADE PURSE (Similar) | MICHAEL KORS WATCH



  1. I've gone back and forth with my winter and spring wardrobe this past month! Scarves are really helpful, and I'm loving the one you're wearing! Those booties are fun too :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

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  3. Love these velvet shoes ! <3


  4. I'm so over this bipolar weather, too! All this back and forth is too much! Also, totally loving these pretty pink accents - especially those amazing boots!


  5. Love these velvet shoes ! <3

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  6. Those velvet booties are too cute! I'm loving their color, especially because it makes me think of spring.

    Kathryn •

  7. Love that shade of pink, definitely lightens up a winter gloom! Those boots are fabulous.


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