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Travel Log: London Part 4

I'm almost certain that Derek and I managed to go to almost every major art museum in the cities that we travelled to during spring break last year. During our time in London we got the chance to spend a few hours in the Tate Modern which was refreshing change of pace after going to so many museums with a lot of older and historic art. Not that I didn't love the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam or the Louvre in Paris but the Tate was a completely different atmosphere. 
We also went to go see the Tower of London on one of Derek's last days in London before he headed back to the states. We snapped photos in front of Tower Bridge and explored the grounds and looked at the crown jewels. It was definitely expensive, but I think it's worth a visit. One of my favorite memories was walking around London after leaving the Tower as the sun was setting. Derek was leaving the following morning and it felt bittersweet to walk around the city together on such a beautiful evening. 
Spending time together in London seems like a daydream now. These pictures were taken exactly a year ago and I wish we could go back more than anything. London is such a beautiful city, full of so much charm and whimsicalness. It was easy to fall in love with and it's easy to miss. But I have a feeling we'll be back together for another trip someday. And hopefully that someday won't be too far off.
The travel log is a series of posts about my four month stay in London, England early last year. I was studying abroad from January - April 2015 and got the opportunity to travel around the city of London, the United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. This is my way to look back on those incredible months that flew by way too quickly.


  1. I haven't made my way to London yet, but I would love to! I have a stopover in London this Summer on my way back from Prague and I am trying to find a way to break up the flight so I spend 24 hours in London. It's not much time, but it's better than nothing!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. What an amazing experience! I just love London.

  3. Lovely photos. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. I lived in London for 3.5 years and it is absolutely my favorite place in the whole world! I'm so glad you enjoyed it too!


  5. Anonymous3/03/2016

    wow it looks like you had a fantastic trip! I was in London last year and miss it <3

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  6. Your pictures are beautiful! :) I really want to go to London!


  7. Looks like you guys had an awesome time. London is my absolute favorite place! We are hoping to visit there spring next year. You are right, it is a very easy place to miss!


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