5 Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots


I remember the days I used to slip on cowboy boots almost daily. I grew up in a rural area so cowboy boots were probably a little more common in my hometown than they are in Philadelphia. But even as a newfound city girl I wouldn't necessarily shun them out of my wardrobe! It's been a while since I pulled any of those boots on, but I'm trying to re-imagine them in my wardrobe and here's a few ways you can do so as well - 1. Ankle-Length Cowboy Boots
Not sure if cowboy boots will fit your style? An ankle length pair lets you try this trend without going fully into it. Instead, it's just like you're testing the waters and you can get a feel for whether or not you want to full commit. 2. The Sundress + Cowboy Boot Combo
This is a classic combo, Taylor Swift even used to do it! This is also such a summer staple and so easy to throw on. I always naturally go for a sandal or heel when it comes to summer dresses now, but a boot is an easy way to transition from the warmer to the hotter months of the summer. 3. With Plaid/Gingam
Another classic! I would avoid this way-to-wear if you're avoiding a look that's too country but this is another easy look, especially for fall. We all have flannels hidden in our closets and by adding a pair of boots you can easily pull together an entire look. 
4. With Other Neutrals
This is another way to get your feet wet within the trend. By wearing a neutral boot with a neutral dress or outfit, you're kind of silently saying "hey, I'm wearing cowboy boots with this but everything's neutral so can you really tell..." By playing with colors in the same palette you aren't creating any kind of stand out, loud look but instead a quietly, pulled together look. 5. With Tights - Even With Colorful Tights!
The last look is probably one of my favorites. By adding a pair of tights - particularly a colorful pair you're adding layers and dimensions to your outfit and proving that cowboy boots can be just as fashionable as a pair of stacked ankle boots! 
This has been a little "throwback thursday" for you. Most of these outfits are from 2010-2012. Don't forget to sometimes take inspiration from your younger self! 
Would you ever try the cowboy boot trend? 

Travel Log: London Part 2


The hardest part about going to London for four months was going to London for four months without Derek. We knew we would be strong enough for the long distance situation but I didn't realize how lonely it would feel sometimes. I was lucky to make friends immediately and lucky that I was in such a great program for the trip. But - there were days when I was so exhausted from traveling, frustrated about cultural differences in the UK and homesick. The the number one thing I wanted to do was to just fall into his arms and not think about anything. We ended up having plenty of late night skype sessions where we would skype until I fell asleep in my tiny flat on days that felt like too much. Thankfully, these days didn't happen too often. I enjoyed the majority of my trip and only had a handful of difficult days.

I remember the day that Derek landed at London Heathrow I was full of nerves! I hadn't seen him in 6 weeks and I was so anxious to spend an entire week together. He came for my spring break since I would have a week off of classes and we would be traveling to Paris and Amsterdam. We started the first two days of spring break in London so I could show Derek a few of my favorite places! It was sort of bizarre for him to be there because my life in London felt separate from my life at home in Philadelphia but it was so surreal. One of the first places I took him was Primrose Hill! (The pictures above.) This was one of my favorite places to just sit and relax and view the city below. That, and Primrose in itself is such a cute neighborhood in the city. 

We also spent the first day at the Camden Market. We walked around, enjoying the food and sights of people. Camden always seemed different than other parts of the city. It has a younger, more eclectic vibe to it. I loved going to the markets around the city and this one was near Primrose Hill which is the main reason why I picked it. I also enjoyed the markets in Shoreditch and Broadway Market. 

Below, we went to brunch at Bills. Derek liked the food (and hot chocolate) so much we ended up going twice during his trip. The first time we went we were in Richmond which was another lovely part of the city.  It's got more of a "town" feel to it and there's a huge park where you can see deer wandering around! 

Another day we went to the Tate Modern. Derek is very passionate about art, and that was a part of his trip that I think we both enjoyed a lot. The museum is huge and you could spend hours walking around. You also get a good view of other London landmarks around the area such as the Millennium Bridge! It's always fun to explore a city you're living in with people who are visiting because it forces you to go see the famous landmarks that you may not have bothered to check out in your regular day-to-day life! Stay tuned, our next stop was Paris!

More English Adventures...

The travel log is a series of posts about my four month stay in London, England earlier this year. I was studying abroad from January - April 2015 and got the opportunity to travel around London, England and the rest of Europe. This is my way to look back on those incredible months that flew by way too quickly.

'70s Inspired


I think I brought this up recently - but I'm 100% a patterns gal. I don't do solid colored pieces very often. I'm all about  chic classics, like a black turtleneck or leather skirt but most of the time I'm going to reach for a quirky or busy pattern. This dress wasn't an exception. I love the 70s vibes it has between the medallion print and drop-waist. It's such an easy dress to throw on for the Fall as well. Another plus - it matches so many different colored tights! I almost wore a maroon pair but then opted for the navy instead but it would definitely work with taupe, maroon and maybe even a mustard yellow as well. Also, these sole society booties are so versatile, I'll be pulling them out of my closet quite a bit this season. And how cute is that side button-y detail!? 

How was everyones weekend? Derek and I travelled to our hometown. It was his niece's 10th birthday and my brothers 21st birthday so there was plenty of celebrating. We got back late last night and it's definitely feeling like Monday! But I have a feeling this is going to be a good week! Derek and I are headed to NYC on Saturday so looking forward to that will get me through this week. 

Happy Monday!
Coat | LOFT
Dress | LOFT
Tights | Target
Booties | Sole Society
Sunglasses | LOFT
Necklace | Vintage
Purse | Urban Outfitters (Old) 

*Photos by Derek Michael Shearstone

Friday Favorite: Ruche Lookbook - The Golden Harvest


The online boutique, Ruche, has been one of my many sources of inspiration for years. They have the prettiest collection of clothes and I consider myself a "Ruchette" being a proud customer myself. I've been on their site blog once or twice. And I still daydream about all of the beautiful creations you can come up by combining their products! Here's a look at their latest lookbook, "The Golden Harvest." Warning, this collection of images will make you crave a trip to the most autumnal places like New England or Northern California. 

Certain pictures in this lookbook makes me daydream about walking through the English countryside. I'm not sure where this lookbook was shot (I'm assuming California), but lately everything is making me think of England. The four months I had there earlier this year just wasn't enough. Next week look for another post about London and my wednesday wishlist will be featuring a few Ruche items I'm needing this autumn! Check out the full lookbook (and shop the lookbook!) HERE

Past Ruche Lookbooks Posted

Apple Picking at Solebury Orchards


Last weekend was our first chilly fall weekend and Sunday was a perfect day to go apple picking. I've been wanting to go for a few weeks now and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. The forecast was calling for cloudy weather but we got lucky with the sun managing to peek through the clouds most of the day. We travelled outside of Philadelphia to New Hope, Pennsylvania and as we drove I got to see fall foliage! I love living in the city, but being surrounded by buildings constantly means missing out on some of the prettiest fall scenery that is out on backroads.We made our way to Solebury Orchards. Upon arriving you're able to take a wagon to the apple fields and they talk about each variety of ripe apples and whether they are best for cooking or eating. We picked topaz, sun crisp, melrose and Stayman Winesap which are all dual-purpose which made picking even easier! We may have gone a little overboard and picked about 12 pounds of apples...oops. Looks like I'll be making apple pancakes, apple pie and maybe some apple crisp over the next week or two.I, naturally, had to try and look as festive as possible so I wore my new Modcloth cape coat, which I'm super obsessed with, as well as a cute acorn printed top from LOFT. It was so chilly that I was able to comfortably wear so many layers. The dark green sweater is one of my go-to pieces for layering as well. I love huge, cozy coats but I also love being able to wear a bunch of layers and being just as warm while being able to show a little bit more of the outfit beneath the coat.At the end of our trip we couldn't leave without getting half a dozen of warm apple cider donuts and hot apple cider. It truly was a perfect fall date.
Cape Coat | Modcloth (Also comes in green!) 
Sweater | LOFT (Old)
Top | LOFT
Jeans | LOFT
Booties | Steve Madden (Similar)
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