A Look Back: September 2015

I remember distinctively writing my Looking Back at August post and including that I would be sharing pictures of mine and Derek's new Old City apartment - yeah, never happened. There may or may not be a few more boxes to unpack.....it's only been, hm, six weeks since we moved in. But that's besides the point - here's what September looked like! 
What I Wore:Geometrics + Lace

What I Listened To:  

What I Read: The Vacationers - Emma Straub
This book took me awhile to get into. I wasn't feeling it at first, especially since I immediately couldn't stand any of the characters but as I read on I became eager to read what was going to happen next. The family is a little (eh, really really messed up) and they attempt to vacation in Mallorca together. Like any vacation, there are many sad, angry, happy and decent moments. In the end, you'll be rooting for them to solve their problems - even if you still can't stand any of them.
What I Did: 1. Baked pleeeeeeenty of chocolate chip banana bread. 2 - 3. Went to Longwood Gardens with Derek. 4. Got dressed up for a dinner date with my best friend. 5 - 6. Enjoyed a rainy day. 7 - 8. Went to NYC with a few of my favorite people for the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure breast cancer 5k. 9. Ate a caramel apple doughnut while pinning. Best. Afternoon. Ever. 10. Hung out with my new roomie ;) 11. Took time to make a breakfast I would absolutely love. 12. Ate more doughnuts. Naturally. 13 - 14. Art Museum date with Derek. 15. Drank wine in the middle of an afternoon with lunch because I had the rest of the day off and had a hectic morning so I totally deserved it. 16. Enjoyed a La Colombe date with myself!

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