Plaid Days

Dress: Loft, Necklace: Loft, Hat: Avery Fedora by 5th and Elm, Shoes: Nine West, Watch: Michael Kors
Growing up in southern states as a child and then in rural Pennsylvania from middle school on, I have always been around small town places and people. In high school I had a deep love for fashion and personal style, which is when I started this blog. Halfway through high school I felt like I no longer fit in these small towns and I was going to move to the city. After graduating I went straight for Philadelphia and still live there today, nearly four years later. Right now I still feel weirdly between a city and country girl. 
Sometimes I feel too country for the city and too city for the country. That feeling is a little unsettling sometimes but instead of being fearful of it, I've decided to just embrace it. And embracing my country side can be an excuse for my love of plaid. And what's a better way to show my love for plaid by wearing an entire dress of it? 
This incredibly comfortable dress is from Loft is so easy to accessorize. I wore my favorite accessory, my 5th and Elm fedora with this despite the fact that I usually don't mix black and blue. Sometimes you just got to break your own style.


  1. love how you styled this dress, Have a great weekend.

  2. Such a cute, easy dress!

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