Afternoon Bike Ride


Top: Express, Skirt: Ruche (White Version), Shoes: Chelsea Crew via DSW (Yellow Version)
Today was sunny and 80 degrees. Fall isn't quite here but I feel summer slipping away. With the longer length of both the skirt and the top, I found this to be a good transitional outfit for me. Navy, white and red is my favorite color combo (Obviously, I'm wearing it in the post before this one too ha) and I'm sure I'll carry it with me throughout the cooler months. Derek took these when I was home in York over the summer. That might be my biggest transition right now. During the summer I went home a few times within the month to see my family and Derek but now that fall has rolled around I'm going home this upcoming weekend for a few days and probably won't make it out of Philadelphia until Thanksgiving. 

On the bright side, Ruche is having a great sale. Tops and bottoms are both 40% off. I have my eyes on THIS gorgeous skirt. A button up and midi skirt is my favorite outfit combo right now and I can't wait to start piling sweaters on top of that.

PS-Check out THIS post with my bike from 2012.

Sail Away


Dress: Modcloth, Shoes: Chelsea Crew (Via DSW), Belt:Target, Sunglasses: Loft

Now that school has started once again I wish I could get away from all of my responsibilities, naturally. That autumn breeze has started to stick around and I'm already missing fun, nautical-themed outfits and lake days with Derek. I guess it's time to pull out my boots and scarves. I'm still trying to incorporate my favorite color combo (red, white and blue-I know, so patriotic) into the fall. Take a look back this weekend for a transitional red, white and blue outfit.

*Photos by Derek

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Little Romance


Top: Express, Skirt: Express (similar), Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target (old), Watch: Michael Kors, Necklace: Tiffany and Co

It looks like Philly isn't letting summer go without a fight. This entire week the high is 90 degrees so I'll be keeping my fall layers away and soaking up summer these last few weeks. Looking for an easy way to start thinking about fall styling? Throw on a 3/4 sleeved top. These portofino shirts from Express are great multi-seasonal options. I paired a red one with a full skirt to create flirty look and added a pair of sandals. I put my beach sandals (sad) away for the season but I'm still keeping my wedges and elevated sandals out to use in transitional outfits. 

Also, Derek snapped these photos all the way back in June, I used this outfit as a transitional outfit for spring into summer and now I've been doing the same for summer into fall. I decided to wear this whimsically romantic (I don't know if that's a real description) on a brunch date Derek, because you can never be too dressed up for brunch.

*Listening to Little Romance by Ingrid Michaelson
*Photos by Derek

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