Top 12: Grammy's 2014


Who else tuned into the Grammy's last night? I don't have cable so I desperately searched for a live stream link and finally found one. There were so many incredible performances. From Kacey Musgraves to Imagine Dragons to Pink, music of all types was celebrated. I'm sure none of you are surprised that my favorite performance of the night was Taylor Swift's "All Too Well". That is my favorite song from "Red" and shows people that "Red" had more to it than 3 really catchy pop tunes (Never Ever, Trouble and 22). As for the red carpet, here were my top twelve favorite looks of the night. What were yours? 

12. Pink in Johanna Johnson

11. Martina McBride in David Meister 

10. Colbie Caillat in Ezra Santos

9. Miranda Lambert in Pamella Roland

8. Chrissy Teigen in Johanna Johnson 

7. Beyonce 

6. Katy Perry in Valentino 

5. Giuilliana Ranic

4. Brooklyn Haley

3. Sara Bareilles 

2. Taylor Swift in Gucci 

1. Kacey Musgraves in Armani Prive

Cookie Baking Party


I'm still trying to catch up with the holiday posts! One of my favorite Christmas-y things I did in December was throw a cookie baking party with my five closest friends from high-school. We listened to Christmas music, ate junk food, baked sugar cookies and decorated them and stayed up till 1 in the morning catching up on our lives. It's crazy how we used see each other almost every single day a few years ago and now we only see each other a few times throughout the year, if that. I love that when we are all together, it's like nothing has changed. We spent a good part of the night wondering how we went from being seniors in high school, to being seniors in college next year so quickly. I'm sure some of you who have been reading my blog for a few years may recognize a few of these faces from older posts and even my graduation party post

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Kate Spade S2014 Ready to Wear


Kate Spade, one of the few very expensive brands I tend to spend way too much time online looking at. Despite knowing I can't afford a single thing on the website, I still signed up for those e-mails. Over the weekend I found myself browsing at their extra 25% off sale and wanting all of the shoes and the bag on the list. Someday, Chelsea, someday...

For now, here's a few of my favorite looks from the Spring Ready to Wear collection to lust over and to bring a pop of color to these dreary, cold, winter days.
For the rest of the collection, check it out on

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Autumn Leaves Falling Down Like Pieces into Place


Jacket: Target (Old), Top: Old Navy (On Sale Now!), Pants: Merona (On Sale Now!), Shoes: Francesca's (Same), Purse: Francesca's, Beanie: Forever 21 (Old)

Does anybody remember this? When there was actually leaves still somewhat on the trees? I've been missing Fall now that the Christmas rush is through. I head back to Philadelphia in less than two weeks and living in a city during the cold, bitter months of January and February aren't the most pleasant when your main source of transportation is a bike. But, I am looking forward to being in the city once again. I've been going a little stir crazy in this little rural/suburban town. 

These pictures got lost in my computer into a folder that was ignored thanks to the excitement of the holidays. This is a fairly casual outfit of mine when I'm in Philadelphia running around. Cords, a flannel, oxfords and a hat.

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Christmas Eve Flashback


I love the hectic-ness of Christmas Day, Christmas Eve usually is one of the days I look forward to the most, especially now that I've been celebrating it with Derek the last few years. There's always so much jumping from one place to another on Christmas Day but Christmas Eve tends to be the opposite. I usually prefer much more intimate settings instead of loud, busy events, the fact that I tend to be more on the introverted side doesn't help. Christmas Eve is a night where Derek and I watch Christmas movies like Rudolph and Frosty, bake cookies together (our tradition is peanut butter cookies!) and exchange presents. 

This year Derek got me two things I had been wanting for a while, I was so shocked, he got me the Michael Kors Slim Runway watch in gold that I have been wanting for a year or two now! We got it resized a few days ago and I havent been wanting to take it off. He also got me a record player! And not only that, he got me my favorite Taylor Swift album (Speak Now) on vinyl along with a Mumford and Sons and Imagine Dragons record to start my collection. I feel like such a lucky lady.

I got Derek a bunch of things this year, including a grey wool winter coat, a fog machine (which he loved!!), clothes for work, the sweater he pulled over his flannel in the pictures, a Phillies mug with his favorite hot chocolate, fox printed pajamas and a stocking full of his favorite candy and a new hat/gloves to match his new coat!

How do you spend your Christmas Eve? And which day do you usually look forward to the most?

PS: Remember when Lucy was this little and I could actually hold her? She loved her first Christmas!

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