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Christmas Tree

Derek and I holding the ornament he got me for our second Christmas together back in 2010!
The pine needles were so sharp my brother opted for gloves.
I even had bangs in the second grade.
Aren't my parents the cutest?
My little sister and her boyfriend. my brother, me and Derek.

Less than a week until Christmas! I cannot tell you how excited I am, but I'm sure a lot of you feel the same way. This time of year makes me so happy, I'm actually sad to think about it ending. This Friday I'm having some friends over for a cookie baking/decorating party and then Saturday Derek's coming over and we're going to build a gingerbread house and watch Love Actually. Last Friday my parents, siblings, my sisters boyfriend, Derek and I decorated the Christmas tree! It's so little compared to the ones we usually get but it's cute and really round. We used to have an artificial one but then I started to beg for a real one a few years ago and after my parents gave in once we've opted for a real one since then! (Even though it turns out my poor mother is allergic to them, haha, luckily only mildly.)

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  1. I get crazy happy over Christmas too :-D That tree is huge! So pretty!

  2. look like you had an awesome time

  3. I love that picture of the animals!! The kitty doesn't look too happy about the pups kiss, haha.
    Also, lovely hair - and I love the pokemon pajamas (on your daughter?).


    1. Thank you! Haha and definitely not, Pumpkin isn't a big fan of Lucy our shepherd. And close, my little sister! Haha

  4. Hi Chelsea happy happy mary christmas for you and family
    Kisses rose jp

  5. These are such sweet pictures! I am so excited for Christmas!!

  6. I feel the same way about Christmas! This is such a sweet post with all the family details :)

  7. At first I didn't realize your mom is actually your mom!!! she looks so young... wow, that's amazing!
    Enjoy the holiday with your family, partner and friends! It looks so fun :)
    And we all had bangs in 2nd grade :P


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