Friday Favorites: Madewell Ankle Boots


So, I'm reallllly trying not to rush Summer away. Especially now that I'm in Philly again and realizing that I'm going to have an actual commute to school this year now that I've moved off campus. Bikes and snow, yeah, not a good combo. But, part of me can't help but be excited for Fall. I absolutely love everything about Fall; the smell, apple cider, the leaves, baking with pumpkin and nutmeg, Halloween, just all if it! Fall brings such a good feeling to the air. This year one thing I'm looking to invest into my wardrobe is a good pair of ankle boots that I can walk around the city in and ride my bike in. My Friday favorite for this week is Madewell's adorable collection of ankle boots. 
ankle boots: madewell

1. Trend: Accessorized Boots, H by Hudson Horrigan Boots
2. Trend: Western Style, The Barnyard Boot
3. Trend: Two-Toned, The Charley Boot
4. Trend: Plum Colored, The Winston Boot

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Weekly Recipe: Inside Out Chocolate Chip Cookies


I'm all about a traditional chocolate chip cookie. But, specifically us ladies, sometimes you just reallllly crave chocolate. That's when inside out chocolate chip cookies come into play. The recipe is fairly similar to the originals except you add some cocoa powder and substitute chocolate chips for white chocolate chips. This is a fun new chocolate recipe that's different than the usual brownies or chocolate chips. The only other time I had chocolate cookies was with mint chips baked into them so it was also nice to stray away from chocolate-mint cookies and save that for the winter months. You can check out the full recipe at Sally's Baking Addiction here!
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Sunshine in my Sky


Dress: Jack by BB Dakota (on sale now!) via Modcloth, Shoes: Charlotte Russe, Necklace: Target

I wore this dress a few days ago when I was with Derek and forgot how much I loved it. I actually wore this same outfit back on Easter but was so sick that day after greeting my family at the door, i went upstairs and slept through the whole day. This dress is such a soft, silky material it's incredibly comfortable to wear which is always a plus. I love the BB Dakota Dresses and I have a feeling I'm going to look through their website for my next holiday dress purchase.

Today is the first day of my junior year. I can't get over the fact that I'm now a junior in college. Half-way through. And yet I don't feel any more prepared for the real world than what I did last year. But then again, I'm unsure if I will ever truly feel prepared. I'm back in Philly now, my lease starts September 1st so as of now my roommate are staying with friends throughout the week and crashing on their couch. It feels strange to not be settled anywhere specifically, but at the same time I kind of love that I am able to live my life like this for now. So, this week is dedicated to new classes, seeing new and old friends again and just enjoying this beautiful summer week in Philadelphia. 

Friday Favorites: Striped Straws


Straws from Sofies Big Day

 I have been on the look for paper straws for just about forever. I've always seen them featured on blogs and people using them with adorable drinks and I finally found some! Last week I was running errands and picking up a few things from AC Moore  when I saw a whole end section dedicated to these adorable straws. They ranged in colors but I decided to pick up the reddish ones for now. If your on the hunt for them as well, I also found a cute etsy shop called Sofies Big Day and she carries them HERE. The pictures featured here are also from her adorable etsy shop. Seriously, check it out because she also carries cute things such as hand-stamped utensils. 

With my new paper straws, I made Derek and I rootbeer floats! It just all seemed so appropriate. Haha. I even bought a few mason jars to make them in. Obviously tumblr and pinterest has made me want to make everything adorable and super presentable. Happy Friday!

Shades of Red


Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
Summer Style
 Top: Forever 21, Shorts: Forever 21 (available in more colors!), Shoes: Parabal Gurung for Target, Sunglasses: New York and Company, Necklace: Calico (similar)

I'm a dress girl all the way, but sometimes I can't resist a cute pair of shorts, especially if they have polka dots. I've decided that polka dots are probably one of my biggest weaknesses when shopping, it's getting kind of ridiculous the amount of clothing items I have that feature this cute little print. Lately I have been so obsessed with black and white with a splash of red in it (as if you can't tell from my new blog header). At least this seems to be a good color combo to transition from Summer to Fall in before we all start to get really into oranges, deep reds and shades of brown. 

I wear this antique-gold necklace by Calico a ridiculous amount. It just seems to go perfectly with almost every outfit! You can buy the Matte Gold one HERE. I don't buy accessories very often, so when I do I have a tendency to cling to it and add it to as many outfits possible. 

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday, one more day until the weekend!

Pool Day


Little Lucy is growing so fast. These pictures were actually taken a few weeks ago and she already seems so much larger now than what she did in these pictures. She's 6 months old now and close to 60 pounds. She grew so quickly that I don't think she realizes quite how big she is. Her favorites thing to do is jump up on people for attention and jump on your lap when you're sitting on the couch. She's definitely just a big baby. Despite her clumsiness (she probably slips at least 3 times a day), she's so incredibly alert. 

My dad picked up this pool for her and it's so funny to see her bite at the water and jump around in it. She always brings her toys into the pool and drops them into the water. She has a tendency to stick her head under the water and bring it up in a panic, not understanding that she can't breathe under water, haha. It's so fun to see her learn and grow. 

Black and White


 Dress: Target, Shoes: Prabal Gurung for Target, Necklace: Calico, Lipstick: Certainly Red by Revlon

This dress was one of my favorite purchases this summer. Despite having 3 jobs over the summer, I had to be super careful about spending money and saving due to getting a new apartment so I tried to only pick out pieces I really loved whenever I went shopping. At first I was nervous about wearing this because every time I did, it attracted a lot of attention. I don't think it will once I'm back in Philly, but I try not to let that affect my choices when it comes to personal style when I am in my hometown. The older I get, the more I realize that others opinions over things such as personal style shouldn't really matter too much. 

Do you let the town/place you're at define what you wear? Or do you try and not take that into consideration?
Friday Favorites: Kate Spade for Keds

Friday Favorites: Kate Spade for Keds


I've only bought "look-a-like" Keds from Target. Not the real deal, but still comfy and a little bit more affordable. I tried on a pair of real Keds at Kohls last weekend and loved how adorable they were. They were also comfortable and made seemingly, very well. I'm debating on shelling out a few extra bucks for a pair and use them as "back-to-school shoes". (Hey, not only high schoolers should get new back to school clothes, right?) I'm loving the Kate Spade and Keds collaboration, these are a little more expensive being at $75 but still not terrible. I'm swooning over the polka dots and stripes.
Keds X Kate Spade
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Counting Down


I'm trying not to count down the remaining days of summer, but it's hard not to. There have been so many little, wonderful memories created this summer and it' bittersweet that it's coming to an end soon. Fall is right around the corner, and usually I wouldn't feel that way in mid-August but with the cool breeze that the weather daily is bringing I can't help but think that way. I've already started to feel myself start to stray away from colorful patterns and head more into neutrals and accessorizing with rich, dark colors such as burgundy and shades of blue/navy.Do the colors in your outfits change along with shifting seasons? 
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