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Last time, they had real bunnies in the photoshoot and now Mara from M Loves M has her adorable pup in the shoot. Ruche always has my favorite look books. They are always filled with beautiful pastels and patterns and they always want to make me purchase every single item. After looking at this Summer lookbook: Seashells, I'm already dreaming up my outfits for the beach trip I'm looking forward to in August. 

I chose some of my favorite looks to share, but you can check out the whole thing here.

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  1. So perfectly summery!

  2. Anonymous6/28/2013

    you look gorgeous dear!
    Really like your Outfit and your pictures!
    Wish you a beautiful day.

    Love, Mona

  3. I absolutely love that floppy hat!! All of these photos are incredible.

  4. I'm leaving Sunday for a week long trip to a town on the water, all of these looks would be perfect for it!
    grey et al

  5. Great and fun look book.

  6. gorgeous look book!

  7. Chel, thank you for introducing me to a new shop, never heard of shopruche but already love the feminne playful pieces in those pastel tone, after my flavour, LOVE it. I think I could purchase every single items as well :-)
    You have a new follower from Germany now via bloglovin


  8. i know exactly what you mean Chelsea, their lookbooks and location shoots are all kinds of amazing. i def would shop the whole lot if i could. incredibly beautiful outfits - one and all!! ♥

  9. all of these are so gorgeous! I especially love that light purple dress :D and it's nice to see hats, too.

  10. What an insanely cute photoshoot, both this year and last years, so pretty!
    Daisy Dayz


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