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Layering a Button-Down Over a Sundress

Top: Thrifted, Dress: Forever 21, Boots: Coconuts

I wore this outfit back on Memorial Day a few weeks ago. Something about blue plaid, a white dress and cowboy boots felt perfect for the holiday. I've been pairing tops over dresses like crazy lately. It's such an easy way to mix up a wardrobe when you're limited on shopping. I've decided that blue and white is my favorite color combo, at least for now. I start my second job today, I'm going to be a server for this company that's about half an hour from my house and I'm excited to fill up my days a little more. This summer just seems to be dragging and there's a lot of days filled with nothing to do. 

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  1. Such a cute country look and, yes, perfect for the upcoming cookouts!

  2. Congrats on job #2! I think this outfit is so cute! Perfect for any summer holiday :)

  3. So country, yet so 'girl next door'! Loving this look. Congratulations on the 2nd job! x

  4. Anonymous6/19/2013

    LOL, I am ending my summer job this week (summer school aide -- it was only 3 weeks) and looking forward to having more time in the day!

    You look so cute in that outfit. The top reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. White and blue is a nice cool breezy combination -- perfect for summer!

  5. Love this outfit. :) Sadly, I think I might be too heavy. :\


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