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Easter Weekend

-Enjoying beautiful Spring weather (finally!)
-I forced Derek, my siblings and my sisters boyfriend to dye Easter eggs with me. 
-Easter Sunday was also my little sister's 14th birthday! 
-I spent Easter with Derek and got to wear a new beautiful Modcloth dress.
-Pumpkin spent a lot of time with one of my parents cats while we were at their house. Him and Sharkey are obsessed with each other!
-Baked an egg in an avocado and realized how yummy it is. 
-Spending time with Pumpkin-as always. 
-Eating plenty of Easter candy.


  1. Super cute photos, seems like you had great time :)

  2. lovely snaps...and you look amazing

  3. I love that dress! And your chevron top is super cute. My family always dyes eggs together- and I'm the youngest at 29! :). I think it's fun :)

    Glad you're feeling better!

  4. SUPER cute chevron top in the first photo!! love it on you

  5. i love the pics looks like you had a great easter,


  6. I love your outfit in the first photo! Looks like a lovely easter!

  7. you have such a nice smile!
    we have the same cat also ;)
    The Land of Miabelle


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