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Fairmount Coffee Shops

One of my favorite things about living in Philadelphia is my group of close friends. I have three incredibly good friends here and it's great to be able to meet up with them a few times a week to talk about, basically, everything. I went to this coffee shop with two of those friends, and it was so cute. It was on Fairmount, across from the Penitentiary but I have no idea what the name is. Ha. The nutella mocha was my favorite. 


  1. Nutella and coffee together! Two of my favorite things!

  2. Nutella mocha! Wow!! Cute pictures- it looks like a great outing :)

  3. Cute pictures! I was recently to the Penitentary in October for their day time tour and the Terror Behind the Walls. My fiance and I walked the streets around it, and it had a ton of cute little restaurants. I must have passed this up. Adorable photos though! :)

  4. Oh my gosh, NUTELLA MOCHA??? So amazing!!! I want one nooww hahah! This looks like a lot of fun and you and your friends look adorable! I love your sweater :)


  5. Haha, you three look super cute :D And fun to be around with :P

  6. Yay for friendship c:
    Sipping coffee and tea
    is a great way to
    spend with friends!
    That Nutella mocha
    sounds delicious!


  7. look like you guys had a good time


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