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December Roundup

December ended up being a great opportunity for me to purchase some new clothing with all of the holiday sales. Many things I haven't gotten to share on the blog yet, but am excited to eventually do so! I hope you all are enjoying the first day of the new year. I am taking it as a chance to organize my thoughts and figure out what I really want out of this year. Instead of having a long list of resolutions that I know I'll never really do, I think the two things that I want for 2013 is to...
1. Do what makes me happy. 
2. Do everything with all that I have. 

I really just want to focus on myself this year and become a better "me". So cheesy but I know that there are so many things I can do to improve myself to become a more successful person. 

So, with that being said here's to another year of blogging!!


  1. Love the aims for 2013. I wrote a whole post about how I'm not doing resolutions this year. It just seems pointless!

    Also, love the pink pants!

  2. You've had so many cute outfits over the year and I'm glad I found your blog and was able to follow you through your adventures and outfits and such. :D Here's to another lovely year!

  3. I love these outfit recaps! So fun to look back :)

    I'm looking forward to growing my blog, too, and improving me. It's too easy to start to take things for granted!

    Happy new year!

  4. Great outfits.Happy New Year!

  5. love your outfits! super cute!


  6. Aw such cute outfits :)

  7. so adorable, i love these outfits, your style is wonderful i really like it!! :)


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