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Modcloth Gift Guide, Part 1

If you're looking for one website to get all of your presents, Modcloth might be it. They have a wide range of different things, not just clothing and dresses. I put together a few gift guides to help making shopping for your friend super easy! Part 1 is all about your friends who might be characterized as "indy" or "hipster", or maybe she's slightly edgy and always has her earphones in. Or she could be that kind of girl that on a windy, summer day she's seen hanging around the beach all day, perhaps even sailing. She may even be considered a photographer, always with her camera nearby. Whoever she is, these could be the perfect gift ideas for her! Look out for part 2 tomorrow, which will be for your more girly friends!

Gift For: The Hipster

Gifts For: The Music Lover

Gifts for: the photographer

Gifts for: Ocean Lover


  1. Anonymous12/11/2012

    The ocean lover is 100% me. And I love all the things on her list. I may have to send this around for hints.

  2. Lovely post and i like the thing on this list :)

  3. So cute! I can't wait for part 2- you've already given me ideas :)

  4. Pretty sure I could gladly recieve anything from the photographer set and be happy. That dress is too cuuute!

  5. Amazing gift guide :D I love all the different categories, my faves the ocean lovers one, although the mustache books does look very amusing :)


  6. Hey darling nice blog you have here, I like your posts! Hope you will have time to visit mine and let me know your opinion about it, maybe we could follow each other if you like my posts =)

  7. I love these, I want everything!

  8. Love the photographer one! It matches one of my coworkers to a tee! I just might need to get that camera ring for her if there is still time!

  9. Ah these things are super cute and pretty and things i would totally buy for myself...the camera case and that first dress are just adorable!

  10. I have a similar camera mug! So cute. Love the mustache stuff too.


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