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Kittens and Cookies

Living away from home, I appreciate the holidays more than ever now. Christmas Eve day was the day we celebrated Christmas with my family since my mom had to work from 7 to 7 on Christmas day and I'm so excited to show you what I wore that day in tomorrow's outfit post! Christmas Eve night after everybody left, I slipped into my new favorite sweater and made cookies with Derek, our Christmas Eve tradition. Christmas Day, Derek wore the new plaid top I got him and we went to his house for the day! We didn't take many pictures that day but I did sneak in a few of Derek and Pumpkin snuggling at my house that night after a long few days. 

Also, my parents got me one of the best presents I could have asked for. After using my NikonD40 since middle school, they got me the brand new NikonD3200 and I'm in love with it! The pictures are so clear and I love how fast this camera is! 

How did you spend your holidays?


  1. Oh my gosh - your little kitten is SO cute!! Looks like you had a fabulous holiday! I enjoyed mine with some of my good friends - so thankful for sweet friendships at the holidays!
    Much love,

  2. Anonymous12/27/2012

    I love the picture of Derek with the kitten with a bow on her head. She looks like she is saying "I know I'm the cutest present ever!"

    That is an awesome camera.

  3. Lovely post, your cat is so cutee <3

  4. I'm glad that you love your new camera! And that you're also spending time with your kitty. ;)

  5. sounds like you had a great christmas! i hope you enjoy your new camera. i've got the nikon d3000 and i am still loving it!

  6. Ah I just can't get over how cute your kitten is! All of these pictures are great, looks like an amazing holiday!

  7. These are adorable pictures! And I'm so happy to hear you like your Nikon! I'm wanting to get a camera (I seriously take all my pictures with my iPhone...3!), so I'll definitely check it out!


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