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Christmas Dress Ideas

Christmas Dress: Deep Hues

Christmas Dress: Pretty Lace

Christmas Dress: Ditsy Prints

Christmas Dress: Chiffon Shift Dresses

Christmas Dress: Little Black Dresses

So, right now I'm in the super dilemma of trying to pick the perfect dress to wear on Christmas. Right now I'm between all of these dresses from modcloth and ruche. So far I'm leaning towards the pink lace one, although I'm super obsessed with the red lace one I'm not sure if I'll be able to wear it out casually afterwords. I really want to pick one that I can dress up for Christmas but then dress down afterwards since we're just having a casual Christmas at my house. 

Which would you choose? 
Right now I'm between the berry dress in "deep hues" and pink lace dress!


  1. Oh I love the lace one on the right, such a beautiful dress! Actually all of these dresses are beautiful! Great picks :)

  2. So many pretty dresses! I'd definitely choose a little black dress, I like the one with the crosses. :) xo

  3. I love the red lace, but you would look so darling in the pink lace! I can see you rocking it with brogues :)

    Great picks!

  4. These would all look so good on you! I gotta say the pink lace and that first red one are my favorites, though. I, too, need a holiday dress--I really want a velvet green or red one, which is oddly specific, but I want it.

  5. Love both the lace dresses! I just made one for myself in soft pink!!! Will be soon flaunting it on my blog!
    Do stop over my blog too sometime dear and do follow too, if you like!!!

  6. I love the deep hues! That's really the only way I can wear color: understated and refined like those!

  7. Love the third one!

  8. I agree, I think the pretty pink lace dress would be best for you! It would also be versatile for layering and such.

  9. Love the top two especially, such beautiful colours xx

  10. I like the 2nd one and that pink lace one. Both are super pretty! I am on the hunt for a Christmas dress. I am thinking maybe something with some sparkle (but not too much cause it will be worn to Church and I don't want to look trashy or way too dressed up haha). Do you have any other places you would suggest for me to look? I've tried Ruche and ModCloth and didn't see anything in my price range or that I really liked. It doesn't even have to be sparkly, I'm considering all party dresses.

    I do really like black dresses too. I am thinking of maybe going with a black/gold themed holiday outfit if the sparkles don't work out.

    Sorry for rambling. I always get excited and babbly over Christmas dresses haha


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