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Pink Skinnies

Top: American Eagle, Sweater: Old Navy, Pants: American Eagle, Flats: Merona 

All season I was seeing pink skinny jeans all over the place, making me obsess over them. I quickly imagined all of the pieces I could pair with them if only I had a pair. So, I finally found a pair that I loved, in corduroy nonetheless, at American Eagle. Navy and gray are my favorite to pair with these pants. Only a couple of months ago I bought a pair of purple polka-dotted jeans and red jeans before that. Lately I've been going a little color-crazy over my choice in pants. What about you?

Do you prefer traditional denim or have you been experimenting with denim as well?

PS: yes, this is the same top as the one in the last post....except in a different color/pattern. What can I say? I love the pretty neckline.


  1. Those pants are absolutely adorable! I love that top with it as well!

  2. What a cute color! And it's super practical, too. I love it with the navy!

    Yeah, I recently bought some crazy scarf-printed denim skinnies... can't wait to wear them when it gets cold enough!

    1. Color color color :) but I love traditional too. And I love the flats you wore with this!

  3. You look so cute! I love the color of the pants :) I always picture all the things I can wear with something before I buy it too. I'm so glad you finally got your pink pants. They look great on you! :)

  4. cute :)
    xoxo Sienna

  5. I love this. These skinnies are adorable on you. You paired them so perfectly with this top!


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  6. The pink jeans are cute indeed, but that top stopped my breath! Amazing!

  7. I love love this look. Its gorgeous! love pink jeans

  8. So cute- I love the look of the pale pink with charcoal. Those would be fun with a black leather jacket, too!

  9. Is this your natural hair color??

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