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Fall Fest 2012

One of the things I look forward to the most every Fall is the Fall Fest in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It's a huge music festival that features some great country music artists. This year, one of my very favorite artists was the headliner, Josh Turner. And despite, the rain and cold I had a great time with my Mom and friend, Dylan. We even ended up being given VIP passes by some girls who had extras so it was a great opportunity to be right up by the stage!
Also, I got to meet the opening act, Stephanie Grace! I'm obsessed with her song "If You Asked Me". The other artists included, Kristen Kelly, The Lost Trailers, Gloriana and of course, Josh Turner. It's hard to believe this was all the way back in the beginning of October. This year is flying by.


  1. Wow - you got super close! How fun! I love music festivals too.

    Funny these were in Lancaster...I was watching that "Breaking Amish" show this weekend & they were talking about Lancaster. Small world! :)

  2. Hells yeah, you are ROCKIN' THE DOUBLE DENIM! You look super cute and it looks like you had heaps of fun :)

  3. Anonymous11/13/2012

    My younger sister would probably love this Fall Fest! She loves country music. :) And I hope this is a compliment to you, but your smile reminds me so much of the smile actress Bryce Dallas Howard has. She is so pretty and you are too! :) Glad you had a fun time, and yes this year is totally flying by! <3


  4. Anonymous1/31/2013

    Great pictures! I love Fall Fest. I haven't made it there the past two years though, I should really change that!


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