Take a Back Road

I hope you all have been celebrating the beginning of Fall in beautiful ways! I took a super long weekend to myself and decided to leave the busy city of Philadelphia for a country filled weekend at home. I enjoyed family time, a country music festival, back roads, apple cider, and shopping. It was the most restful weekend I've had in a long time and now that I'm looking back at these pictures I wish I was there again. 

These pictures were taken at an orchard close by in Maryland called "Baughers" that I went to with my mom. If you ever find yourself there make sure you get the pumpkin ice cream. It was probably the best thing I had all weekend! Are there any local places by your home that you like to run away to when life gets hectic? 


  1. haha how cute are those chicken baskets?! and seeing a bunch of pumpkins and squash together like that makes me all giddy. :) fall is wonderful! and you look so lovely.

    hmmm, I like to visit botanical gardens or grocery stores (weird, I know!) to get away from it all. :)

  2. Wow, this all looks so festive! I keep seeing pumpkin patches appearing on US blogs now and I am very jealous haha, these places simply don't exist in England...I guess there isn't much demand for them but I love seeing these pics.

  3. Beautiful pics!
    I like your dress :)

  4. I love those pictures! The baskets! Oh my gosh, I'm dying, they're so cute and hilarious- did you get one? I just bought four pumpkins for a little project at our house, and I'm hoping to make a few trips to the apple orchards this season (there are TONS here). Happy fall!

  5. This is so gorgeous... and exactly how I always picture Pennsylvania. =]

  6. The colours! This is so alien to me. I've never seen "real" barns and pumpkins outside of a supermarket.

    The Lovelorn

  7. I'm going pumpkin picking at the weekend, can't wait!


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