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Emmy Awards: Princess Style

Living in a house without cable, I didn't catch the Emmy's the other night but I did keep up with what everyone was wearing through tumblr. Everyone looked so beautiful but I think my favorite, hands down, was Zooey Deschanel. I loved her pretty powder blue "fairytale-esque" custom Reem Acra dress. A lot of celebrity's get criticized for wearing dresses that seem too much for a high school prom but I usually end up loving those dresses. And hey, why would someone not want to feel like a princess for a night? Speaking of high school proms, I was just reminiscing about the two nights of my life so far where I got to feel like a "princess". I think what a lot of us decide to wear to prom really shows part of our style during that time period. I've never been one to go for "sultry" and "sexy", I opt for lots of tulle (9 layers to be exact) and glitter instead. 
Prom 2010, Junior YearProm 2011, Senior Year


  1. OH MY GOSH that powder blue dress is seriously perfect. My favorite Disney princess is/was Cinderella, and that dress just instantly made me think of her. Gosh dangit, I love it!

    And oh, those pictures of you in your "princess dresses" (hehe, I love that you call them that, too! <3) are gorgeous. I especially love that green one--it's very fairy like!

  2. I LOVED Zooey's look! And I adore yours, too! Such gorgeous dresses!

  3. wow, you look gorgeous in your prom dresses. I wish we had proms in Australia!
    And I love love love Zooey Deschanel, and her light blue dress is superb. So happy you posted about it.

  4. This is really cute!!! Thank you for the follow on my blog!! I've followed you on GFC and Facebook

    xx Marla

  5. I love her dress and also Kat Denning's dress too!

  6. Zooey's dress is to die for!

    Also, I love how you put your prom dresses on! That blue one is fabulous. I have been wanting to do a flashback post like that for awhile too!


  7. I just LOVE your blue dress. So pretty.

  8. gosh zooey looks amazing and yeah I've always been the kind of girl to go for a full skirt of tulle lol.

    xo erica

  9. Zooey looks great. She's got a great sense of style! Love your dresses too, inparticular the blue one!

    Radha xoxo

  10. You look so pretty! I love the blue dress especially :)

  11. Anonymous9/26/2012

    this is too cute!

    Hybid Hunter

  12. Aww, gorge dresses! I especially like the blue one on you :)


  13. I love Zooey! You look beautiful in both dresses but oh, that green dress! I love it so so much!

  14. Love both of the dresses, but the blue really stands out with your gorgeous gold hair!


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