A Fun Food Filled Weekend

I hope everyone had a great weekend! It always seems to go by too quickly. We couldn't have asked for better weather here in Philadelphia (but maybe a little less wind, especially for those of us who bike everywhere) and I couldn't have asked for better friends to spend it with. Friday I attended a yoga session around South Street that was absolutely incredible, definitely what I needed after a full of summer that didn't include yoga. Then, Saturday I made pumpkin cream cheese and my friends and I biked downtown to enjoy bagels and sunshine in the park. Earlier in the day, I managed to slice my thumb open while opening a can and after a quick and (not needed) trip to the ER the day brightened up. We ended up seeing "Celeste and Jesse" and it was so incredibly funny and overall just great! Please do yourself a favor and go see it. Also, we went to a restaurant on Chestnut called "Fuel" that was absolutely delicious and healthy, bonus! Then we finished off the night with frozen yogurt. Ha, certainly a food filled weekend.