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Only one week and two days in Philly and I can already feel homesickness. I guess that's what happens when your hometown is the complete opposite of where you end up at. I miss going for bike rides with Derek all around the back roads by our homes, and feeling safe all the time. So, right now I'm sitting downstairs in the new house, sipping coffee, listening to country music and blogging, just like mornings at home. I probably won't see Derek until the end of September or the beginning of October, in the meantime we'll be chatting on the phone and Skyping. Only about 3 more years of long distance to go.  


  1. aah be strong sweetheart. I've never been away so I really am not expert in these things. your summer looked amazing, you look amazing! Stay strong xx

  2. Anonymous8/25/2012

    In one week I will be starting in on my third year of long distance (and last!!!). Wishing you all the strength in the world.


  3. I was so homesick when I was in Ireland! It was super hard being away from family and my fiancé. Hang in there! The experiences you'll have there will totally be worth it!!

  4. I have never been away for very long, so I have never really been homesick, but try to have as much fun as you can!! I love your outfit, by the way! Cute shirt!
    xoxo anna

  5. Awe, lovely...! <3 Homesickness is totally normal, even though I'm only an hour away from my family when I go to college, I still come home on the weekends, lol. It's hard, but you'll slowly adjust to being by yourself. Stay strong, pretty lady!

  6. fun photoshoot :D love your tribal top anw xxx stay strong sweetie <3

  7. Like it lots!!

    xoxo lorena

  8. Anonymous8/26/2012

    Can totally understand this. Once you get into your routine there it will get easier.

    I love your bike :)

  9. Hi Chelsea beautiful, bike and your look....

    kisses rose p

  10. You guys are so cute!
    I love your top <3

  11. Anonymous8/27/2012

    Aw such cute pics of you two :) I looooooove your bike with all my heart, how totally gorgeous and retro! You look perfect riding it. Sorry for your homesickness...I understand the misfit feeling. My job right now took me from what I really loved doing and plopped me kerplunk in the middle of work that is the farthest from my ideal. It can be rough, but it will be such a learning experience for us!

    <3 Cambria


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