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Too Long of a Week

You know when you're having a bad week and you just don't know why? That's been my week. I've been feeling bummed out but I'm ready to shake that feeling away and enjoy my weekend. Derek comes home from his week long trip to Tennessee so I'm sure that will make me feel better and my family has plans to start 4th of July festivities. What are your plans for the weekend?

I'll leave you all with a picture of my youngest cat, Sharkey. Obviously he was in a bad mood and didn't appreciate the shutter of my Nikon in his face. 


  1. These pictures are so cute! What a lovely cat! And I totally understand that feeling. It can be so frustrating. I hope that you are able to enjoy your weekend!

  2. awww your cat is so cute! :)

  3. I hope you feel so much better now!
    The most exciting plan for me is watching the last match of EURO 2012, my country (Spain) is in the final! hehe.

    Kisses darling <3

  4. Adorable cat!
    Great blog, btw.
    Following you! Stop by sometimes :)

  5. Beautiful pictures, your cat is adorable :)

  6. Aaaaawww....hope you have a good weekend. We all get weeks like that:)

  7. Anonymous6/30/2012

    This will be a good week coming up, Chelsea!!

    Only plans this weekend for us is house hunting and going to church.

  8. Cute pics! Hope you have a good weekend. I'll just be resting as I've been ill.

    Radha xoxo


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