Summer Inspiration and Goals

Well, I caved yesterday and finally got a pinterest account. As an avid tumblr user, I was a little bit skeptic about pinterest but now after getting an account, I realized that the two are actually a lot different and now I have been pinning constantly! There is so much inspiration for summer that I have become a bit overwhelmed. Whites, bright colors, structured but lady like pieces and vintage pieces have all been inspiring me this summer. What's inspiring you?

Speaking of summer, I can't believe it is already June 1st and the official start to summer is only a few weeks away! I have a few summer goals that I really want to accomplish.

1. Raystown Lake for a weekend with my family or friends. 
2. A big bonfire complete with an assortment of summery baked goods and drinks. 
3. Hiking at Pinchot Park, complete with a picnic of course.
4. Camping Trip 
5. Philly's Baseball Game
6. Ocean City with my best friend, Sarah
7. Long Bike Rides
8. Practice cooking more and read more
9. Get my first job
10. Go to a carnival, fair or festival
11. Visit my friend Meaghen in New York.
12. New York City trip before moving back to Philadelphia
13. Buy all of the things I need for my new house in Philly and fleamarkets and thrift stores. 

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