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Spring Trends 2012

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This season seems to consist of all different types of trends. There is a big mixture between classy and edgy items. Classic items, like peplum dresses and skirts have been reappearing everywhere, I love how surprisingly flattering this style is, just be sure to pair it with high heels to avoid looking shorter or wider due to the extra amount of ruffle. Classic items such as strappy heels and sandals are headed towards an edgier look with the bright colors they are being sold in. Dresses with dipped hemlines and asymmetrical hemlines are popping up everywhere, especially in stores like "Forever 21". At first I thought high-waisted cut off shorts were more of a tumblr trend, but now this pair is quickly becoming one of H&M's most coveted items. Sheer tops are definitely an easy way to stay trendy this season, especially if you buy one in a shade of orange or pastels. Another thing, if you didn't catch on by the color choices of these clothes, is that tangerine and other orange shades are becoming ever increasingly popular as well as shades of pink. 

Which trend are you looking forward to sporting this Spring?


  1. So many wonderful trends! I am really into the peplum trend most of all. I love the shape!

  2. These are all super cute!

  3. lovely post!!
    xoxo Sienna

  4. i love all these favourite are the pastel colours!

  5. Anonymous4/30/2012

    adorable post!!!^^


  6. I have a dipped hemline dress! I use it as a swimsuit cover-up because it's sheer but I really like that look in general.

  7. loving all these trends right now! i have got to get my hands on those h&m shorts. really enjoying your blog so far. you have really great style :]

  8. Cute picks! Love the shorts and high-low dress!


  9. i can't wait for spring weather so i can wear these! thanks for the commment and visit, i'm following you now ^_^

  10. i'm literally obsessed with thin strappy heels! theres a million pairs i want at zara for summer :) x


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