Hello 2012!

Wow! Can you all believe how quickly 2011 went by!? So many important things happened to me in 2011; I turned 18, I had a great senior prom, got my license, I graduated from high school and moved to Philadelphia to start college! Even though a lot of great things happened in 2011, I have a feeling that even more great things will come my way in 2012. I was going to make a bucket list instead of "resolutions" this year, but I figured that having a list of resolutions is a great way to get motivated for the new year. Along with my usual be more outgoing, don't procrastinate and eat healthy, I also want to...

-Read 20 books by the end of the year.
-Get my first job. 
-Buy my fist Polaroid camera.
-Spend a whole day in New York City.
-Learn something new each month (whether it's some type of fitness class or a DIY creative project).
-Be a tourist in my own city. (Both in Philly and York)
-Do something I'm afraid of whenever I get the opportunity
-Charity work once a month or more.

This year I also want to put together an "inspiration book" of magazine clippings and such, as well as start putting pictures in an photo album, it's kind of sad how people don't do that anymore. I also want to remember that life is short, so to do something that i really enjoy every single day! Thank you all for following this last year, this blog has grown so incredibly much. My goal for the year was to have 300 followers I think and now I have 522. THANK YOU! Happy New Year. :-)

PS: If you follow me on twitter, you might already know this, but as you can see in the first instagram photo I just won a CD that Taylor Swift signed!!! I FREAKED OUT when I saw! I just picked it up from where my parents put in my name the other day. Most of you know how much of a Taylor Swift fan I am. So you can imagine how happy I am about this.