Christmas Eve>Christmas Day

When it comes to quality time with Derek, I always prefer Christmas Eve to Christmas day. Things are so much more relaxed and Derek and I have the tradition of baking cookies and watching Christmas movies with each other. It seems like just yesterday that Derek and I celebrated our first Christmas Eve together, it's hard to believe that last year was our second Christmas together and that this was our third! I enjoyed each moment we got to spend with each other. We opened up each other's presents first, I got him a new shirt from old navy, new moccasins (which I have to exchange because they are too small, ha), a stocking full of his favorite candy and "Evan Almighty", a book of pictures from the last year I got done at Target and I knitted him a scarf! Remember last year when Derek bought me that beautiful ring? Well, this year he did just as good! He got me a Frank Sinatra Christmas CD, two beautiful necklaces, and a kitten calender! He even made me a card using his graphic designer abilities. We then baked so many peanut butter and nutella cookies, it really was such a fun, laid back Christmas Eve. 

PS: Today is my moms 39th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!
PS Again: Don't you love the pajamas I opened up from my parents on Christmas Eve? Haha