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Denim Dreams

Now that Fall is quickly approaching and it's time for "back to school shopping", it's time to switch in our shorts for jeans. I've always prefered jeans to shorts. Shorts might be my least favorite thing to wear. I would honestly just rather wear a dress, but when I'm not wearing dresses, jeans come next. This season, flares are  back! My favorite brand "SOLD" has a great line of new flares that I might have to invest in sometime soon.

Are you willing to switch in your skinnies for these? Or are you going to strictly stay with skinny jeans? I think that this fall will be a great opportunity to wear both! Here's a few pairs of "Levi's" that I have had my eyes on!

Also, the boyfriend jean, the straight leg jean and jeggings are continuing to make appearences. I am so excited for this fall! These are also Levi's. Since I'm going to be in college this year, I have a feeling that a great pair of jeans, a flowy shirt and scarf will be my go-to.

Which style do you prefer?


  1. This is such a very informative post about jeans. i only know about the bf, skinny and flare jeans. Thanks for adding some in our fashion info bank. :-)

  2. I'm personally am a fan of the skinny ;)

    -Laura xox

  3. Skinny jeans aren't flattering to me. I've always worn boot cut or flair.

  4. I still am in love with my skinnies and am thinking they will continue to be a staple this fall. With the rise in flares again, I may get a pair in a really dark wash - I think they are so flattering.
    Much love,

  5. Great post! Skinny and straight jeans are definitely my favorite :)


  6. I am a boot cut or flare girl! I just cannot pull off a skinny jean.

  7. I am such a skinny gal. I try but never stray from skinny jeans and peg leg trousers or ankle grazers. I am currently addicted to turning up my skinnies, what can I say I loves me a turn up!

  8. I'm 60% boyfriend, 20% skinny and 20% bootcut. Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a 'mission impossible'...

  9. Anonymous8/12/2011

    I love Flare jeans. I was so upset when they all seemed to disappear.


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