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Spring Bottoms

The other day when I went shopping with my friends I noticed tons of new spring trends when it came to shorts, pants and skirts. I'm so excited to try out a few of these things! What about you? Will you be sticking with denim shorts or will you be trying something new this season as well? If what, which thing are you most excited about? I'm really excited about the dressy shorts and maxi skirts.
spring shorts
1. Colored Shorts TopShop $75
2. Silk Shorts TopShop $100
3. Vintage Style Shorts Modcloth $198
4. Pinstripe Shorts Republic $32 
 5. Scalloped Edged Shorts Miss Selfridge $58
 6. Leather Shorts Jitrois $2,275
skirts spring
1. Pleated Maxi Skirt Jovonna $105
2. Chiffon Maxi Skirt Rag Bone $395
3. Brown Leather Skirt Chloe $1,700
4. Florals/Zipper Detailed Skirt Forever 21 $24
spring trousers
1. Slouchy High Waisted Trouser Miss Selfridge $61
2. Cropped Trouser Apiece Apart $214
3. Wide Leg Trouser TopShop $76

And, I want to thank you to all of my wonderful followers! This blog has been growing so quickly and your support has meant the world to me. I'm hoping to do a giveaway around 300 followers but for now, to celebrate the 250 followers I now have I would like to do a video blog! The last few months I have recieved numerous questions through emails and comments about fashion, me and Derek, makeup and other little things. So...I am planning on doing a VIDEO blog. Answering your questions. :) So, ask me any question that you want and I will be answering via video in the next week or so. Whenever I feel that I have enough questions to answer I will get this recorded. Feel free to leave questions in a comment or e-mail me ( or tweet me (@c_elizabeth93). I'm looking forward to this. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth


  1. Thanks for all the ideas of spring bottoms! I'm currently obsessing over maxi skirts--they're so pretty. The video blog sounds like a great idea, and I'm definitely interested and excited for seeing it:)


  2. I like the maxi skirts!

  3. okkkkay! seriously, stop being so dang cute! i love this! :]

  4. Beautiful blog! Love the fashions and, in the previous post, the mango gelati. In the summer get Rita's watermelon ice, seriously. Thanks for the comment, please come by again (for more pictures, less Shakespeare ;))


  5. congrats on your followers!! and I love those pink topshop shorts! why do they have to be so expensive? GAH! haha

  6. Mila and AE-I know! I am wanting a maxi skirt so bad, I have yet to buy one!

    Abigail-Thank you so much for following. I LOVE the watermelon flavor too, so yummy. :)

    Brooke-Thanks! I know, the price makes me sad.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  7. Those leather shorts are so clearly WAY out of my budget, but wow!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  8. love the mod cloth shorts!

  9. very cute. i love the leather shorts, but that is a hefty hefty price.

  10. oooh! i didnt realise you had twitter!
    *follows* (im roseanneamy btw)
    LOVE the scalloped shorts - really want a pair! :D
    Rosie xo

  11. The Modcloth shorts are my favourite <3 They look lovely!

  12. Can I still wear my ankle booties in the spring? bahahaha!

    um... and what is your favorite food? =)

    love the xxi skirt! so so much!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  13. ooooh a vlog should be fun!

    and i'm a huuge fan of high waisted shorts/skirts. yay spring!

  14. I love the shorts!
    And I can't wait for your video blog!
    Kisses, darling <3

  15. The scallop hem shorts are adorable.

  16. I love all the dressy shorts! And a maxi skirt is at the top of my to-buy list.

    Shopping and Spreadsheets

  17. i love all the new variations with skirts, shorts and pants, i am totally up for trying the new trends out!

    Fashion Bag 411

  18. Video blogs are SO fun! Do it! And I love those shorts with the heart pockets. How adorable is that?? I want them!

  19. Anonymous3/22/2011

    I love the Miss Selfridge scalloped shorts.

  20. I am glad you all liked this post! Isn;t modcloth the best!? :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  21. I was just looking at shorts last night! Need to buy some :)


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