Jill by Jill Stuart: Spring and Summer

I want to take a second to thank you all for taking your time to help me pick out an outfit for today's presentation. I ended up going with A. It was really close between A and C! I actually did quite well on my senior project, I got a 95% and I was asked to present my project to the schoolboard. I am so relieved that it's finally over with. I had been working on this since summer and I feel like a huge weight is lifted of my shoulders. Sfter the project my friend, Maddy and I went out for Starbucks and caught up and celebrated that we will be graduating!

Of course, I got outfit pictures of my outfit today but I'll wait to share them with you tomorrow. Today I wanted to share these beautiful pictures I found of the Jill by Jill Stuart Collection for Spring and Summer. I can not wait for spring and to wear sundresses, cardigans and cowboy boots. Sadly, we still have a while till that time comes around. I loved how all of these outfits were perfect transitions into Winter and Spring.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth