Happy Birthday Derek!

The hat and sweater I got him.

He wanted to wear our matching shirts! (I think he secretly loves it.)

Derek trying the batter.

My awesome apron.

Our icing kind of turned into the texture of peanut butter and fudge and tasted like it. Haha.

Evidently, I was more excited about his birthday than he was.
Yesterday was Derek's 18th birthday (he's a grown up now! Hha. Just kidding, not really) and we were supposed to hang out but due to the ice he wasn't able to come over. So, instead he came over today and we had a great time! I wanted to do everythign I could to make sure his birthday was perfect. I bought him a new beanie, a sweater shirt thing, and a nice picture frame with a picture of us in it. And, of course, I got his favorite candy, a balloon, and birthday hats! haha. It was a good time. I also got stuff to bake his favorite cupcakes with, chocolate and peanut butter. We then went to the movies and saw "The Rite" which I had never heard of before, but it ended up being a fairly decent movie! Today was definently a good day. Did I ever mention how much I love birthdays? Because I do.
<3Chelsea Elizabeth