A Few Things


Hello lovelies. I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend. I got some outfit shots in today, but I decided I will wait for tomorrow to share them with you. Tonight I'm going to share a few pictures from the last week. Enjoy. :)

1 and 2: Sharkey and Scout have been hanging out more than ever lately. Thank goodness Scout is so gentle. Ha.
3 and 4: Had Chinese a few nights ago and I got this fortune cookie. Trust me, this fortune most definently relates to me.
5: Caramel Mocha from Seattles Best=So amazingly sweet. I recommend Biscotti with it.
6 and 7: Got ankle cowboy boots at Muarices for only $9.49! I'm not going to mention the fact that I went in there for a job application. Oops. I just did.

How's your Saturday going?

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Snow Day!


We finally got our first snow day today this school year. It was a ncie, relaxing day and I got to sleep for a whole 9 and a half hours. Which was great. I spent my snow day on the phone and outside, building a snow day with my sister. Here's some pictures of our great day. I'm one of those people who don't care how fat I look in the snow or when I am cold. Style is the last thing on my mind because I hate being cold more than anything (yet, I love snow). Haha. And yes, our German Shepherd is obsessed with snow.

What would you do on a snowday?

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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Ice Cream Dates


So, let me just start by saying I love when Derek takes me on dates. I ecspecially love when he takes me on dates for ice cream. I know, some of you are probably thinking "what a lame date!" but I seriously love it. I think it's my favorite. Both times we have been to this particular ice cream parlor Derek has gotten Cookies 'N Cream (his favorite), he's not very adventerous when it comes to flavors. But that's okay! I always like to get something different, this time I got caramel. And it was pretty tasty.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

PS: I got a hair cut, nothing to major, just some bangs and a layer. I'll post pictures tomorrow!

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The Green Monster


I am proud to say that I tried my first "detox" smoothie. I was pretty scared at first but then I felt a bit better after hearing about a lot of people liking it. It's safe to say that the two cups on spinich is what scared me the most.....but after the holidays I knew that I needed to get some much needed vitamins and other minerals in my body!

All it calls for is ice, 2 cups of baby spinich, one banana, a cup of almond milk, and a tbsp of flaxseeds. You can also add in whatever else you want. I decided to add a cup of strawberries and half a cup of blueberries in it as well to make the fruit taste stronger.

I actually found the recipe here (also go here to see the health benefits). After trying it, I realized it wasn't bad at all! It tasted like fruit and not like spinich at all and I was easily able to drink it. If you're looking for a detox smoothie I definently recommend this one. It's safe to say I will be making many more of these in the future.

Don't let the color fool you, I know the green can be a turn off but it really is yummy.

Let me know if you decide to try it!

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
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Golden Globes 2011


I heard a lot of good and bad things about the Golden Globes this year. About half of the people I heard didn't like most of the looks and the other half liked most of the looks. I loved most of the looks this year! It was hard to narrow it down to a few that I really enjoyed but here are a few of my favorites....

Leighton Meester #8

Natalie Portman #7

Lea Michelle #6

Sandra Bullock #5

Amber Riley #4

Dianna Agron #3
Anne Hathaway #2

Olivia Wilde #1
What was your favorite look of the night? What did you thin, most of the looks good in your opinion or bad?

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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We're Like Fire and Ice


I have a lot of new followers. (And thank you so much by the way!!!) So, let me explain something that some of you already know. Derek is my boyfriend of almost two years. When we first started dating, people were shocked. We are so incredibly different by appearences. Derek? Skinny jeans (skinnier than mine), band t-shirts that are usually black, converse, skater shoes, screamo music, skateboarding, dark hair. Me? Sundresses, bright colors, high heels, skirts, blonde hair, blue eyes, tennis and country music. There's obviously a huge difference there. 

Well, I really wanted to get Derek to wear plaid! So I bought us MATCHING PLAID SHIRTS! Haha. He still isn't completly thrilled about it, but he wore it and didn't mind it too much. Arn't we cute???? haha. 

(we were trying to pose, but kept laughing. haha)
Speaking of cute, our kitten and german shepherd have become best friends. Seriously, they are always around each other and they even sleep together.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

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