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A Few Things

Hello lovelies. I hope you are all having an enjoyable weekend. I got some outfit shots in today, but I decided I will wait for tomorrow to share them with you. Tonight I'm going to share a few pictures from the last week.  1 and 2: Sharkey and Scout have been hanging out more than ever lately…

Snow Day!

We finally got our first snow day today this school year. It was a nice, relaxing day and I got to sleep for nearly 10 hours which was great. I spent my snow day on the phone and outside, building a snow day with my sister. Here's some pictures of our wonderful day. Style is the last thing on m…

Ice Cream Dates

I love when Derek takes me on dates. I especially love when he takes me on dates for ice cream. I know, some of you are probably thinking "what a lame date!" but I seriously love it. I think it's my favorite. Both times we have been to this particular ice cream parlor Derek has gotte…

The Green Monster

I am proud to say that I tried my first "detox" smoothie. I was pretty scared at first but then I felt a bit better after hearing about a lot of people liking it. It's safe to say that the two cups on spinach is what scared me the most.....but after the holidays I knew that I needed …

Golden Globes 2011

I loved most of the looks at the Golden Globes this year! It was hard to narrow it down to a few that I really enjoyed but here are a few of my favorites.... Leighton Meester #8 Natalie Portman #7
Lea Michelle #6
Sandra Bullock #5 Amber Riley #4 Dianna Agron #3 Anne Hathaway #2

What was your favorite look …

Exciting News!

Okay, so I wasn't going to post tonight because I am super crazy stressed about my Great Britain exam tomorrow and I have to study like crazy. But I had to tell all of you this!
I got accepted to a school in Charlotte, North Carolina! I am so excited!
I lived in North Carolina before I lived in…
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