Okay, so here's the thing. I have never in my life, carved a pumpkin. My mom would never let me because she was worried I would cut myself trying to carve it. Haha. I thought it would be so adorable if Derek and I went on a date to an orchard and picked out a pumpkin together to carve it! So, we did. :)

Derek cut the top part of because my mom told him not to let me. Haha.

And then I volunteered to take the gross stuff out. It was pretty gross.

And then we both carved it! I finally carved a pumpkin. Isn't it cute? Haha.
Has anyone else done anything fun to celebrate the Halloween season?

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Homecoming Part 2 (Oh, and new layout...finally)


I hope everybody is enjoying there Saturday. Today, I went to a  college visit in the city and now I've just been lazy for the last four hours. Soon I am going to my boyfriend's house, it is our 1 year and 6 month anniversary. Yes, we still count months. Ha. Then I am going to a friends house for a bonfire. I'm trying to forget the fact that I have been up since 6:30 and only slept 5 hours last night.
Here's some more homecoming photos. :-)

Oh, and what do you all think of the new layout? I finally changed it, let me know your honest opinions.

<3 Chelsea Elizabeth

Oh, and here's one more picture from last year. Haha. I think we've both changed since then.

Homecoming Part 1. (Oh, and I'm back...again.)


I've been gone for a while now. Summer swallowed my time, tennis and my friends took up the majority of my summer as well as my boyfriend, Derek. I regret not keeping up with this more, I've realized whenever I do this I feel a lot better and I like looking back at what I said before-as stupid as it may be.
College and school are currently stressing me out, like any other senior planning on packing up there life from where they've grown up the last few years. I could really use this as a creative outlet again.
Anyway, one of my last posts was about prom which was in, well, May. Now homecoming passed and I would like to share some photos of the event. :-)

I am so glad I got to spend a second  homecoming with him, it's nice to have a boyfriend that's your best friend also. :-)

This was us "back in the day". Okay, well, us as juniors so about a year ago. (Notice the Halloween decorations. Ha.)
I'll add a few more photos tomorrow of homecoming. I hope everyone had a wonderful summer, or for some of my readers, winter.

<3Chelsea Elizabeth
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