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Summer! So, I'm back!

Hello everybody! I am so sorry for leaving you all for about a month! I was finishing up my junior year so things were getting pretty hectic. It wouldn't of been so bad if it hadn't been for my spanish 2 class I was about to fail. But don't worry! I managed to pass! And I still don't understand spanish...oh well!

So, about a week ago I finally managed to have my 17th birthday party! I didn't get a lot of pictures but here's a few. Some of me and some of me and Derek. Haha.  

Getting ready to open PRESENTS!

My amazing Chace Crawford Cake!

Then today Derek and I went for a long walk and we saw HORSES! Haha. Even though there are tons around here I always get so excited. Here's pictures! Sorry I don't have any good outfit pictures for today. I will soon! Promise!

&& just so you know I am planning on re-doing this blog soon! So let me know if you have any suggestions!
<3Chelsea Elizabeth 


  1. you look so cute! I hope you had a great day! HAPPY BELATED BDAY!!

  2. happy bealte birthday elizabeth :)
    nice summer dress
    check out my latest post :))


  3. thanks for comment ;)

    AMAZING cake btw!!!

  4. Anonymous6/14/2010

    your chace crawford cake is so so beautiful! i want it :) naughty chace is in jail atm but can't wait til the next season of gg :)

  5. omg what a cake!

    ps you have the cutest dimples..

  6. Aw thank you for your lovely comments!
    Haha I know, poor Chace Crawford. But I still love him even if he was in jail. :) haha

  7. Anonymous6/14/2010

    Nice to see you back and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!

  8. that blue is beautiful on you x

  9. Happy belated birthday (can't remember whether I commented before or not...) Don't worry about taking time out, sometimes that can lead to more inspiration for the blog :) These photos look lovely! Especially the ones out in the countryside, it looks like where I live! :)


  10. love the cake!!
    so funny

  11. Happy Belated! Ya'll make such a cute couple. You should style him for a few fashion shots lol! (Men love that, right?)


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