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Summer Must Have: The Basket Bag

You've probably seen them everywhere. The straw tote bag that is swung around the shoulder of a girl at the farmers market, a bamboo clutch in the hands of someone at brunch or a round mini purse that can barely fit anything yet compliments an outfit oh-so-perfectly. Straw bags and bamboo clutches were around last summer but this year they seem to to be unavoidable. Any why wouldn't they be? These bags come in so many fun variations, there's a style that can work for anybody. My favorite? This orange circle straw bag from last summer. It's always my go-to!

The Half Circle Straw Bag 
The Circle Bag
The (Actual) Basket Bag
The Oversized Tote Bag
The Knitted Straw Bag
The Bamboo Bag
The Basket Bag Accessory: A Silk Scarf
The Mini Circle Crossbody Bag
Straw Bag (Pom Pom Edition)

Which style(s) will you be wearing this summer!?


  1. I have yet to get on this trend.

  2. Large totes don't work too well for me, and mini circle crossbody bags don't fit what I need (I appreciate all of these trends aesthetically though), but I really do want to find an actual picnic basket for a picnic! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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