Top 5: Nation of Two - Vance Joy

My favorite Aussie artist, Vance Joy, released his sophomore album, Nation of Two, last month! The relaxing melodies and hopeful lyrics keep me listening over and over again but there are a few standout songs that I'll probably continue to add to multiple playlists. 

You were in the shower, we were talking through the glass. Packing up your suitcase, you were humming to yourself. One day you were smiling, I could tell by how you sounded on the phone. You said, "I'm coming home, babe." 

Darling, there's a place that I wanna run with you. We're going home. If we make it or we don't, we won't be alone. When I see your light shine, I know I'm home. If you're waiting all your life, you won't ever go. When I see your light shine, I know I'm home. 

And sometime around one we fell asleep to escape from the sun and we woke up to the sound of a storm outside. We stood at your front door, you looked at me and said "baby, this rain changes everything". And my heart ran away from me. I was just coasting till we met. You remind me of how good it can get. 

I saw you smile, I knew you had spirit. Oh, won't let your colors run. Isn't it odd, the way we try to tell ourselves we got limits. / You're the shape of my days, you're my holy place and I know everything's good. Everything's just as it should be when you're alone with me, everything's good. 

You were the one to visit my darkness. You were the brightest way. You dropped the stone into the well. We'd wait for the sound it made. When it got quiet, you could hear your heart. Tell me, what did it say? I was a bird, you opened the cafe. It felt like a clean white page. You came along. You light up my days. 
Image: Justin Bettman/Atlantic Records via Billboard