2018 Book Club

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you guys believe it's already the start of a new year? 2017 was weird (it sounds like it was for most of us) so here's to a fresh start! A big topic between myself and blog readers outside of this site has been books and reading. I love when you all email me book recommendations or your thoughts on books that I'm currently reading. Reading is easily one of my favorite activities and I definitely didn't find enough time for it in 2017. My goal for 2018 is to read at least 2 books per month and I'm hoping to share how that goes on this platform. 
I'm officially launching the Organized Mess book club where at the start of every month I'll share the 2 books I'm planning on reading that month and I'm inviting you to join as well! I'll be reading one non-fiction and one fiction book a month and I would love if you would join along and read one or both - or even just share your thoughts on the books if you've read them before! Also, if you're reading something else I would love to hear about that as well. Basically, I realized that one of the things that myself and you all have in common is that we love to read! So I would love for that to be part of the conversation on this site. 
For January I'll be reading, 

The Alchemist - Paulo Coehlo 
The Gifts of Imperfection - Brené Brown 

Will you be joining along? If so, will you be reading one or both? If not, what else do you have on your January reading list? 

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  1. It is definitely weird that another year has ended already...but I am excited for the fresh start of 2018. These books look fabulous. The Gifts of Imperfection sounds especially interesting.


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