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Warby Parker: Winter 2015 Collection

When I was younger, I remember desperately crying to my parents that I wanted glasses. You know the phrase, you always want what you can't have? Well, I've always had nearly 20/20 vision so it's safe to say I never got glasses and still don't have them. I eventually got over it and realized it was silly to want glasses when I didn't need them. But now - Warby Parker's newest collection makes me want them all over again! With crisp, cool colors the newest collection is so perfect for winter. Shades of blues, greys and taupes fill the collection with a sense of tranquility and it's so easy to envision each pair fitting perfectly into a winter wardrobe.

If I wore glasses I would go for the Wilder or the Chelsea (haha, coincidentally!). Both styles are right up my ally for a classic, chic look and I love the cat-eye style to the Chelsea. I don't even know which color I prefer - both the Whistler Grey and the Grapefruit Soda colors are perfection. The Wilder two-toned pair fits in with the little bit of quirkiness I like to throw into my style. The Eaton is another good option for a two-toned pair, the Tree Swallow Fade is such a chic color combo. Take a look at the full collection below -

Soon I'll be trying on some of my favorite frames from the collection and sharing my favorite looks on the blog! You can also try on your favorites from the collection with the Warby Parker Home Try-On program! You can order 5 pairs of frames and have 5 days to try them on FOR FREE. I know, crazy! Return shipping is also on them, so there is no additional cost! I'm super excited to try this out, I'll sort of get to live my childhood dream of having glasses, even if it's just for five days. There are also some great sunwear options as you can see with the blue tints above. We change up our style for each season, so why not change up our glasses? Whether it's optical or sunwear, find a new pair you'll love all winter.

*all images owned by Warby Parker


  1. You're right dear, we always want what we can't have!
    These collection is sooo great, colors and shapes are stunning! ^-^

  2. I don't wear glasses but LOVE clear lenses and certain frames. I used to own a pair like that (not for sight problems but for styling reasons lol) :)
    Gorgeous selection, girlie.
    xox Nadia

  3. You do always want what you can't have haha I am contemplating getting lasik surgery but a part of me will miss picking out glasses frames! Great choices!


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