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Friday Favorites: Kate Spade for Keds

I've only bought "look-a-like" Keds from Target. Not the real deal, but still comfy and a little bit more affordable. I tried on a pair of real Keds at Kohls last weekend and loved how adorable they were. They were also comfortable and made seemingly, very well. I'm debating on shelling out a few extra bucks for a pair and use them as "back-to-school shoes". (Hey, not only high schoolers should get new back to school clothes, right?) I'm loving the Kate Spade and Keds collaboration, these are a little more expensive being at $75 but still not terrible. I'm swooning over the polka dots and stripes.
Keds X Kate Spade
Weekend Playlist 8/16 by Chelsea Finn on Grooveshark


  1. omg the black and white keds are soo cute!! I can't believe they are 75!! wow! And I totally agree, us college girls need new clothes and shoes too.

    check out my latest post on what I have in my school bag!

  2. I'm loving the number 4, next is number cute :)

  3. Those Kate Spade Keds are SO adorable!

  4. #4 is really nice:) Can't go wrong with polka dots!

  5. I've been looking for a place to display a playlist everywhere! Grooveshark, why didn't I think of that, hmph. Thank you soo much haha :)

  6. OMG those are super cute!!! I'd definitely pay $75 for them

  7. Aw Chelsea, these are so you! I can see you rockin' any of these in the future. $75 is pretty steep, though. I had a pair of silver glitter keds for walking around campus freshman year and they didn't last as long as I'd like 'em to have, but they were cute!

  8. Lots of good choices! I like the purple ones with the pink polka dots and white laces.



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