Flowers for Recovery

 Today is day 2 of "wisdom teeth removal recovery" and I may have tried pushing it a little bit too far by going shopping. I'm back in bed watching way more TV than what's good for my health, that and indulging in sweets. When I was in Ocean City, my family had Derek watch our pets and when I came home I found a beautiful bouquet of flowers sitting on my bed. Now they are sitting beside my bed, and every time I look over at them I'm reminded how much I mean to Derek and how much he means to me. Sometimes the sweetest reminders of love can bring us so much happiness. 


  1. Those are beautiful

  2. aw. ^_^

    gums, be well now so that chelsea can go back shopping :)

  3. It happened to me at the beginning of this year, it hurt a lot!
    I hope you are better soon! <3

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  4. Those are such sweet and cheery flowers...the perfect get well soon :)

    <3 Cambria

  5. Such pretty flowers! Hope your recovery is going swiftly :)

  6. Aw, I hope you feel 100% soon! Jen had her wisdom teeth removed before Christmas Eve last year - they were impacted, even. >.<! I know it's a pain, but you'll be SO glad once the soreness goes away!!!

    P.S. Gorgeous flowers!!!

  7. So pretty! My husband went shopping, too after getting his wisdom teeth pulled- he was still on the heavy pain killers and said he bought WAY too much because the medication made him so loopy, lol!

    I hope you feel fully recovered soon!!


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