Instagram This Week

Sorry about the delay in posting this week! I just got back to my dorm tonight so I'm finally back in Philly. I can't believe how quickly the break went by. Tuesday I start the second half of my freshman year, I have a feeling this whole college experience is going to fly by. While I'm trying to adjust to my normal routine, I have some great guest posts lined up for the rest of the week! Enjoy! Oh, and here's the last few days on Instagram. 

1. Bought my first records this weekend! 
2. Two new vintage necklaces this week. (Only $3.50 for one and the other was only $10.50!) 
3. Found a picture of me and my best friend from when we were freshman in high school, while listening to "Fifteen". "and soon enough you're best friends, laughing at the other girls who think they're so cool. We'll be out of here as soon as we can." 
4. Magnets I made for my dorm. 
5. "Wearing an animals face=fashion? Vintage fashion." 
6. Going 60's. 
7. Thrifting all day with my best friends. (As you can see from 5 and 6) 
8. Coffee time. 
9. One of my favorite necklaces. 
10. My favorite wrapping paper. 
11. Wrapped Derek's Valentines Day gift already! 
12. Toy Story 3 and lots of ice cream with the boy I love? Happiness. 
13. Get well soon card for my grandma who just got knee surgery. We wrote out names in all of the people. 
14. Homemade pumpkin cranberry pecan bread with hot chocolate.