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Guest Post: Finished Look

Hi Organized Mess readers!

I'm Lissie, the 4th and youngest sister blogging from Germany for Notes She Wrote, a blog I share with my older sisters! I'm excited to share an outfit post with you today! Over at our sisters blog we like to blog about photography, crafts and all things girly, and clothes are definitely one of those things!

We recently got to be all together at Christmas (which was AMAZING!) and my talented older sister Marie (who is an incredible photographer) took some pictures of me in one of my most favorite outfits!

I love this outfit because it is so me. The flow-y skirt is perfect because I love ballet ;) But I also love mixing super feminine items like the skirt and the flower, with items which aren't quite as feminine like the leather jacket I'm wearing and the hat and lace up boots. The combination seems to give the whole outfit a very finished look :)

It was so fun to post for you, Chelsea Elizabeth! We love you, your style and we love your blog :)

total, true, love,

Lissie from Notes She Wrote


  1. This is a great post, Lissie is stunning! Will definately check out her and her sisters blog :) xx

  2. This is too cute


  3. Such a cute outfit! Love it. :)

    xx Jessica

  4. SH'ES beautiful!

  5. love the tulle skirt and cute straw hat!

  6. Anonymous1/18/2012

    beautiful outfit, love the skirt

  7. yay! thanks for posting this Chelsea Elizabeth! you're the best :)

  8. you look absolutely pretty!

  9. WHERE DID SHE GET THATTTTTTTT SKIRT!? I need to know. Or is it a dress?
    I need to know.
    I'm going over to her blog right now.
    Thanks for the guest post Chelsea... expanding the blog-friend horizons! :)


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