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Guest Post: Date Your Mate

Hello everyone!
I'm *S from the blog Our One Sweet World .  I am so glad to be here as a guest on Organized Mess and want to thank Chelsea Elizabeth for the opportunity to guest post on her amazing corner of the interweb.
Today I thought I would share some of the reasons why I think it's important to date your significant other, even long after your married. And of course share a few little ideas regarding my favorite dates that I enjoy with my Mr.
I feel it's important to date your significant other for many many many reasons but I'll stick with the following four....

It's an opportunity to focus.
Day in and day out distractions pull your attention away from your lover. Dates help refocus on the person at the top of your priority list.

It's a time to Laugh, hold hands, smooch lips and lock eyes.
All of these things are important and you know how the saying goes...laughter is the best medicine.

It's a time remind your significant other "I love you".
There are many ways to say, "I love you!" A date is one of the special ways to honor that special person in your life.

Relationships are always changing.
It's a time to get together and stay in tune with the ongoing success's, challenges, and victories within each other's lives.
Date nights with my Mr. happen pretty regularly. I would say at least every other week. Sometimes once a week depending on our schedules.

Some of my favorite dates are:
*Getting all fancied up to have dinner and dessert at a super duper fancy restaurant.
*Making a delicious dinner together at home and eating in the living room while enjoying our favorite beverage and watching our favorite movie or tv series. These evenings usually consists of us going to Whole Foods and picking up delicious things. Including raiding their fancy cheese area for a pre-dinner appetizer. Then we peruse their dessert area. Spend an ungodly amount of money on all the goodness to take home, prepare and consume. 
*Ordering Pizza for dinner and eating it in bed. Followed by ice cream in bed while watching something on netflix.
*Coffee Dates at our favorite coffee spots.
*Taking weekend road trips to our favorite little cities by the ocean and having fun little dates the whole weekend. Including picnic's on the beach.
*Going to a movie at the theatre. There's just something about eating popcorn, candy, and drinking your favorite soda pop through a licorice straw. Ha!
I know most of our dates revolve around food. What can I say....WE LOVE FOOD! We are pretty simple people and love our little dates. I promise we have many more dates we love that don't involve food. The one's above just happen to be our favorite!
So there you have it! DATE YOUR MATE I say.  :)
Is dating your mate important to you? If so, please share. I'd love to know. 
Thank you again Chelsea Elizabeth for having me…It’s been a pleasure!
Wishing you all a magical New Year!


  1. Hi chelsea!!!! Kisses rose jp

  2. My wife and I are often seen as odd, because we are together literally 24/7 and have been since we were married almost five years ago! We live together, currently in her childhood bedroom - when working, we worked together (right now, she's on disability and I am unemployed while working on finding a work from home job!) and we play together. We literally spend every waking and sleeping minute together and... We LOVE IT.

    Several people have asked us how we can "cope" with one another, and how often we fight - when I explain we DON'T fight and we don't have to "cope" because we love being together, I'm assumed to be a liar. ;) But it's the truth!

    Even with being together 24/7, we love having date days and nights, some of them are spent cuddled up in bed with a bunch of good movies or TV and some good food and drink, others are spent out and about! But we simply use that time to make even more special memories!

    We don't have anything to "catch up on," but we talk constantly. We have hobbies we share, so we talk about them. We have stories we read, favorite blog posts, etc. that we talk about. We're always connecting.

    I feel blessed that my spouse and I are so, so close and I can't imagine working away from her, even for an hour, or being a couple that doesn't spend much time together - so I absolutely LOVE this post!!!

  3. Really nice guest post!! I love dating my mate :) Our dates are quite similar to the ones you've listed. At least one coffee date a week for sure.

  4. Anonymous1/16/2012

    lovely post! great inspiration

  5. i really enjoy this advice. i am no where near getting married but i would do the same that you are now

  6. What a seriously sweet post! I think that my favourite types of dates are actually cooking something at home!

  7. I love dating my husband!! We don't do it nearly enough. But we love the fancy restaurants too, and also going to the movies. We occasionally (maybe 2-3x a year) get away from the kids anywhere from overnight to a few nights to have some quality time to ourselves. We just got back from Vegas and had a wonderfully adult 3 night, 4 day, fun-filled time. It's important to reconnect when our daily life is SO busy with kids and work. Great post *S!


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